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I’ve been writing on Medium since 2018 with over 200 articles so I’ve decided to make life a whole lot easier for you and keep an easy archive here. Enjoy!

Working as a Writer (including magazines, copywriting, content, and books)

4 Ways to Become an Author

5 Things I Wish I’d Known (when I became a writer)

How to Develop Magazine Pitches

Blogging vs. Writing: Why the Weird Rep?

When You’re Copywriting Remember this One Thing

How I Wrote My Published Memoir

How to Finish Your Book

How I Got My Book Deal

The Importance of Calling Yourself a Writer

How I Got Started in Freelance Copywriting

What’s a Portfolio Career and Should You be Building One?

Why I Love (and hate) Copywriting

Giving up Alcohol

I Gave Up Alcohol and Everything Got Easier

Giving Up Alcohol is an Act of Courage

Take Back Your Weekend

What’s the Point in Drinking Alcohol Free Beer?

Thinking About Dry January? It’s All About Honesty.

How Many Relationships Exist Through Alcohol?

You Don’t Have to be an Alcoholic to Quit Drinking

Suffer from Anxiety? Alcohol Will Only Make it Worse

Failed Dry January? That’s No Excuse to Quit


Quick Life Lessons from The Little Mermaid

If You Don’t Do Something Now, You’ll Have the Same Problem in 6 Months

Admitting You’re Wrong Will Set You Free

How to be a Genuine Superhero

You Choose How You React

It’s Not Just Being Abroad that Changes You; it’s What You Face

Don’t Change Your Path, Change Your Shoes

The Best Piece of Advice I Ever Received


Wild Nights on the Ocean

Night Markets of Bali

Downward Dog in Bali

Chasing Dogs in Missouri

Living with Dolphins



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