Reassessing the way we buy food and choosing budget-friendly options

You might opt for the cheaper products in the supermarket but have you ever stopped to really think about how you spend on food? Have you ever thought that perhaps ‘cheap’ doesn’t always mean ‘cost-effective’ or even ‘responsible’?

The reset brought on by Covid-19

Global history has been marred by recessions but nothing in memory comes…

The key is in the question: who are you running for?

I don’t know about you, but I find winter running simultaneously the most enjoyable and the hardest. Running in the cold isn’t the hard part though. The hard part is motivating yourself to get out the door and start.

When I’m cold (which I almost always am working at home)…

Kitiara Pascoe

Travel and Outdoor Writer | Journalist | Author of In Bed with the Atlantic (Fernhurst, 2018) | New book pub’d by Quarto coming 2021 |

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